One response to “Hot off the press…..

  1. Love your restaurant! My husband and I have eaten there many times. On Monday 4/20 a group of 5 of us are coming to Tilghman Island (staying at the Tilghman Island Inn) for several days to celebrate the 65th birthday of a friend, and we would like to purchase one of your carrot Smith Island cakes for the occasion. We will arrive on Monday afternoon and want to have the birthday party that night after our dinner at the Tilghman Island Inn. How can we work this out? Is it possible to call you with a credit card number to cover the cost of the cake (and delivery to our Inn, if you won’t be open on Monday afternoon when we could stop by to pick it up?) Do you write on cakes? We’d like something like a wine label on top that says “Vintage 1950” and “Aged to Perfection.” I’ll call you to discuss this.

    Laurie Church
    Bethesda, MD
    301.656.1655 home
    301.233.5580 cell

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